Monday, September 21, 2015


With summer almost over and all the recent changes that are/will be happening in my life, I decided to sit down and gather my thoughts. Transitions can be difficult but we all go through them. It's apart of life. Writing all my goals and ambitions down is helpful for me to stay on track, but I wanted to step it up a notch creatively so I made myself a vision board. Here's why!

1. You can visualize your goals- Writing down words is great and very helpful, but having pictures to see everyday can really help you see clearly where you want to be in the future.

2. Easy to locate and look at- There are so many times where I've written something down and lost it. My vision board is hanging up on my wall above my bed so I literally see it everyday.

3. You can get creative- I absolutely love creating and decorating my room. A vision board can be like an accessory for your wall. Add embellishments, stickers, decals, flowers, basically whatever you want. String lights are probably my favorite thing to add to any wall decoration.

4. You can change it up- Have new dreams you want to add? No problem! A vision board is so fun and easy to expand and change. There are no rules. This board is a reflection of you and over time everyone changes just like this board will.

Inspiration board:

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Searching for a job can be a tiring experience especially after you’ve heard so many no’s and read countless rejection letters. I have experienced this as well and many others. Trust me we all know hard it can be. I decided that instead of dwelling in negativity, I could use this time to nourish other hobbies, talents, and interests. During moments like this, there is nothing to lose!


Take an online course- Have the desire to expand your learning without emptying your wallet? Well then Alison course is perfect for you! This website covers a variety of topics such as business, digital literacy, language, and health. An online course is a convenient and easy way to learn a subject you are passionate about. After taking a course or two you will have new skills that could possibly be applied to your next job and open up doors to new opportunities.

Start a blog- Blogging is definitely an awesome and productive way to spend your time while job searching. This is a great way to get noticed especially if you are a creative writer, photographer, or designer looking for clients. This is also a chance to network with like minded individuals in your niche. Facebook groups, twitter chats, and blog communities can help you connect with other bloggers and clients quicker. Blogger and Wordpress are two of the top platforms to use. Blogger is more user friendly while Wordpress has more freedom for customization.

Volunteer- Find an organization that’s related to your job industry and offer your time to help out. Put your best foot forward each and everyday and take advantage of this time to learn something new. Even if you’re not working directly in your field, you should still walk away with new transferable skills.  If you recognize something that could be improved upon, don’t be afraid to speak up and give some advice. You’re there to help remember! If you have extra time, complete a special project for the organization and present it. This shows that you truly care about the company and its success. Also networking is a must. Build relationships with the employees and managers and take interest in their work. Who knows, you may walk away with a reference or two or even better... a full-time position!   

Good luck with your journey and never give up on your hopes and dreams!